Monday, September 6, 2010

Please email me at for payment information. For $25 you receive the whole LV template e-kit. It includes over 25 different files. I email it to you in a safe winzip file. If you do not have winzip go to for a free download. These files are yours to keep and do as you please with. I am not responsible for anything that is done after I email you your e-kit. These receipts are soley used and sold strickly for novielty purposes. With you purchase you gain copy rights and can pass along to your friends delete or what ever you chose. Thank you HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA....My 22 year old baby brother returned home safe from Iraq last week and I would like to thank every military member for their amazing service to our country!!

Novielty LV Designer Receipt Template Maker Cards & tags Ect.


These templates will allow you to recreate ANY Louis Vuitton receipt and tags you may have misplaced. There are easy to use tutorials and files to guide you along your way. Files will be WORD documents, EXEL files or JPEG files. All files have been screened for viruses and worms but it is advisable that you run a virus scan on all fines before opening. All the work has been done for you in this program – just input the information and print.

Price for this is $25.00 FIRM

Please do not email me trying to bring my price down. I have already discounted it compared to other sellers on the web. I proudly stand behind my template. I know itsthe best your going to find on ther web. I have been selling this novielty item for almost 8 years now. I am available after the sale as well in case you may have any questions.

email me to for payment information.

This program works best with Microsoft Word 2000 and up.

Items made using these files are intended for novelty purposes only. The author is not representing or affiliated with Louis Vuitton and is not responsible for actions of those using this product. If you are affiliated with Louis Vuitton or working for Louis Vuitton please do not access or use these files. If you are not agreeing to these terms, you are violating code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1995.


Files included

Receipt Envelope Instructions.doc – How to instructions for receipts and envelopes.

LV Receipt Template.doc – Blank Template for Receipt

LV Template Back.doc - Back of Receipt

LV Receipt Template 6x7.doc – Blank Template for 6"long x 7"wide Receipt

LV Template Back 6x7.doc - Back of Receipt for 6"long x 7"wide Receipt

LV Envelope Front.doc – Template for Front of Envelope

LV Envelope Back.doc – Template for Back of Envelope

Label Tag Instructions.doc – How to instructions for label & tags.

LV Label Template.doc – Template for LV tags

LV Label Template back.doc – Template for LV tags - back

LV Barcode Template.doc – Template for LV barcode tags

LV Price Model Numbers List.xls – Spreadsheet/Guide for LV Prices and Model Numbers

LV Store Locations.doc – List of LV Store Locations in US and overseas
****DISCLAIMER**** You do not have to tell me why your buying this...Honestly I don't give a F**K. All I ask is that you treat me with respect as I will do the same. I get back to my customers within 3-4 hours. SOrry but I do not hang around the computer waiting for people to buy receipt templates. However I will make sure that you receive your templates in a timely fashion. No longer than 24 hours. Don't email me with threats or shady attitudes. I will refund your money and you can buy from someone else. I treat you with respect so I expect the very same. THANKS.....that is all ♥